Thursday, 14 July 2016

Galactic Mario

Super Mario Galaxy warped my mind. A spherical gravity-based platform game that managed to be intuitive despite the craziness that was unfolding before my eyes. It is an expertly designed game that leaves you in no doubt that failure is down to user error. Initially I was a little sceptical with having to use a Wii Remote and nunchuck as the main controller, but it was responsive and accurate. It was only the sections where you had to pull and levitate yourself around on the blue stars that the controls felt awkward. I was also impressed with how well the automatic camera worked for the most part - it wasn’t often I felt the lack of twin sticks was an issue.

The galaxies were varied and original whilst still putting a Mario-spin on everything. I enjoyed playing Bee Mario the most and liked how the limited flight time was used. Only toward the very end did the ideas seem to run out, with some designs and ideas repeated or mirrored. The extra comet stars varied between being challenging and just a little too frustrating. None of this really diminishes what an excellent game this is and how much fun I had playing it. I’d wager that the sequel will iron out a lot of the issues and be even more impressive and fun.