Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Free of Mass Effect

So I finally reached the end of the Mass Effect trilogy - having finally completed Mass Effect 3. It was a bit of a mild let down. I’d heard that the ending of this game had been criticised, however that doesn’t prepare you for how blunt and inconsequential it actually was. My main issue however was that the whole game just felt very samey and that it lacked the dramatic punch of the previous games. Having spent 2 games building up the Reapers to be these unstoppable death machines and then have Sheppard take one down easily with a rocket launcher felt… cheap. The Reapers lost their menace, even with Earth under attack I felt no urgency – how dangerous can the Reapers be if a small guerrilla force can hold them back. No wonder I struggled to finish this game. 

I’m being very negative here. Mass Effect 3 is still a good little game in its own way and there were some creative touches, however when it was at its strongest it was involving characters or situations from the previous games.

I think new game announced Mass Effect Andromeda - set in a different galaxy - sounds promising, as the series feels like it needs a fresh start.