Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Red Dead Horse

Red Dead Redemption proved to be one of my most enjoyable games I’ve ever played, with stunning graphics and one of my favourite protagonists in John Marston. It is a huge open world game and has taken a long time to grapple with, but finally I got there. The only time I wavered was when the action changed to Mexico. However, this game also revealed to me I have a curse.  Let me explain the incidents…

#1 – Whilst on a quest, I was waiting on foot below a cliff I had walked around and down. I whistled to my horse, who proceeded to fall down from the cliff and smash hard before me to its poor death. I mean that’s a mistake that could happen to anyone, right?

#2 – I was hunting a deer. I jumped off my horse and went to skin the creature. I noticed a train was approaching. Then I noticed that after I had jumped off my horse it had come to a stop on the train-tracks. Too late to do anything the train slammed through my (new) horse, obliterating it. There was not a single piece of horse left.

#3 – A pack of wolves attacked me whilst I was on horseback. They just kept on coming, in my panic I aimed my gun underneath me and – accidentally – shot my horse, who collapsed in a heap beneath me.

I am no horse’s friend it seems. In a previous life my ancestors must have angered the horse gods and led to this curse. Still nothing could take away from this amazing game, not even a horse death curse.