Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Moving Rain

The Playstation Move always seemed to me to be a bit of a gimmick, Sony's cynical ploy to cash in on Nintendo's success with the Wii. But when I discovered Move for cheap I just could not resist picking it up as there is a game I really wanted to play with it. The move edition of Heavy Rain. I've always liked Quantic Dream, maybe it's the David Bowie connection from Nomad Soul, maybe it was the excellent first part of Fahrenheit. Whilst I'll talk more about Heavy Rain when I finish it I wanted to just comment about my initial experience with the Playstation Move now.

A good few hours into the game and I can't imagine playing the game without the Move controllers. I really dig the brightly coloured soft ball on the edge of the Move and the navigation control is really comfortable and fits nicely in my other hand. I've not had any problems with the controls and any mistakes have been due to my fault not the equipment.

Playstation Move feels like it works so well, opening cupboards, drinking juice and turning keys have never been so fun. It is making the mundane feel special that really adds another layer to the game and the Move controls make me feel deeper in the game. The only down side I have come across so far is accidentally knocking my girlfriend on the leg with the Move controller when I was in the middle of a hectic chase in the game. Thankfully it wasn't too hard, but still it highlights the accidents that can happen.

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