Sunday, 31 January 2016

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted

Letting things slide again due to exams and moving, so it has been many many weeks ago since I finished Assassin’s Creed Revelations. My forth Assassin’s Creed game and the last feature Ezio. Going into this I was feeling a little fatigued with the series, however a friend of mine said this game did not last so long and was a fitting end to Ezio’s story.

I liked the fact that my jaded and weary feelings were captured well by the older version of Ezio, no longer the hot-headed punk he was of his youth. The game plays out very in a refreshingly simple yet familiar way. The major game changes - the hookblade and the bomb creation - don’t really alter things much, therefore if you are well-versed in the series you can fast make progress through Constantinople (the Turkish location is different enough to make the game look distinctive, especially after the two previous entries set in Italy). The heavily-armoured Janissaries also gave a bit of challenge to the normal hack and slash melee battles.

The sections featuring the welcome return of Altair from the first game are easily the strongest, and seeing how the rest of his life story played out was really touching. Ezio too gets to explore his softer side too with the relationship with Sofia providing an interesting contrast to how things develop with Altair.

I am really glad I did not skip this entry in the series, the fact it can be played through quite rapidly is a great bonus. I am now really looking forward to the next game with the fresh new setting and characters, but a part of me will miss Ezio.

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