Tuesday, 2 February 2016

I Have A Good Feeling About This

I was overjoyed when Super Star Wars was released for the PS Vita before Christmas - perfect timing after the coming of The Force Awakens. As a Sega Mega Drive owner growing up it was one of the SNES games that filled me with envy, but at last now a few decades down the road I finally get to play Super Star Wars!

And it’s hard.

Real hard.

So hard it takes me back to days of 8-bit and 16-bit games that were relentlessly difficult. Yet fair. That’s an important thing with a hard game, as long as there are no glitches, poor collision detection or slow controls, a game can still be incredibly fun and addictive. I played it solidly over Christmas and felt really proud when I finished it in the New Year. I really felt like I had achieved something.

Super Star Wars is beautiful looking run and gun platformer that follows Episode 4 quite closely. Playing as Luke, Han or Chewie you fight your way through many stages – mostly taken from the first half of the film. There are some decent mode-7 3D sections too where you fly about like Soulstar on the Mega CD or something. The levels are tough and without a strong power-up progress is slow. Inside the Jawas’ Sandcrawler was the absolute most torturous level I played – why do the Jawas have so much lava inside their Sandcrawler - it’s a moving vehicle!!! (heh - well I guess maybe it was actually molten metal thinking about it).

This was a game was so well suited to PS Vita, and there are quite a few options to change the screen and save progress. It’s a great challenging game and I hope the Super Star Wars sequels on the way.

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